Osteo Striga Pve God Roll (2024)

1. Destiny 2 Osteo Striga: God Rolls, Catalyst & How to get it

  • Mar 15, 2024 · Osteo Striga PvE god roll ... This is a perfectly balanced SMG for PvE, featuring excellent handling and stability. It doesn't have much Reload, ...

  • The Exotic SMG Osteo Striga is one of the best exotics in the entire game. In this post we cover, its Catalysts and God rolls for PvE & PvP.

2. Osteo Striga - Destiny 2 Exotic Submachine Gun - Possible Rolls

  • Full stats and details for Osteo Striga, a Submachine Gun in Destiny 2. Learn all possible Osteo Striga rolls, view popular perks on Osteo Striga among the ...

  • Full stats and details for Osteo Striga, a Submachine Gun in Destiny 2. Learn all possible Osteo Striga rolls, view popular perks on Osteo Striga among the global Destiny 2 community, read Osteo Striga reviews, and find your own personal Osteo Striga god rolls.

3. Destiny 2 Osteo Striga god roll and how to unlock explained - Eurogamer

4. Destiny 2: Best Osteo Striga God Roll - GamesHorizon

  • The Osteo Striga is best used for PvE. This build focuses on extreme stability so that it's easy to track your targets to let the homing projectiles hit ...

  • Osteo Striga SMG is one of the legendary Weapons of Sorrow in Destiny 2. This gives it the Necrotic Grip effect which increases its airborne effectiveness.

5. Destiny 2 No Hesitation god roll guide: Best perks, barrels, and ...

  • Jun 10, 2024 · No Hesitation PvE god roll · Barrel: Smallbore, Hammer Forged · Magazine: Tactical Mag, Appended Mag, Accurised Rounds · 3rd Column: Physic, ...

  • Destiny’s new medigun can heal your allies and harm your enemies.

6. Osteo Striga God Roll in Destiny 2 | Attack of the Fanboy

  • Jan 10, 2023 · Osteo Striga God Roll in Destiny 2 · Impact: 25 · Range: 80 · Stability: 37 · Handling: 26 · Reload Speed: 18 · Magazine: 27 ...

  • The release of the Witch Queen expansion brought many new weapons and abilities into Destiny 2 that players are still experimenting with today. However,

7. Destiny 2 Osteo Striga - How to Get, God Rolls, Stats, Lore - Fanbyte

  • May 25, 2023 · Learn how to get Osteo Striga from Destiny 2, find PVE and PVP god rolls, perk pools, lore entries, and more!

  • Learn how to get Osteo Striga from Destiny 2, find PVE and PVP god rolls, perk pools, lore entries, and more!

8. Destiny 2: The 10 Best Submachine Guns For PvE, Ranked - TheGamer

  • Just about every perk is good on this gun, but a god roll turns Unforgiven into an S-tier Primary. ... Osteo Striga is a strange hybrid between a Veist SMG and ...

  • There are a lot of different submachine guns found throughout Destiny 2. Here's a look at some of the absolute best.

9. Dead Messenger god roll - Destiny 2 | Shacknews

  • Aug 29, 2023 · Dead Messenger returns as a craftable Exotic similar to another craftable Exotic, Osteo Striga. It comes with a new mixture of perks to ...

  • How to get Dead Messenger and what a god roll looks like for PVE and PVP in Destiny 2.

Osteo Striga Pve God Roll (2024)


What is the god roll Osteo Striga? ›

An ideal build, aka a 'god roll' of Osteo Striga will focus on accuracy and handling, which will maximize how often the gun's exotic perk activates. Here is our recommendation for the best Osteo Striga god roll in Destiny 2: Smallbore. Accurized Rounds.

Is Osteo Striga good for PvE? ›

Its poison-spreading effect makes it one of the best ad-clear primaries in PvE, and its enemy-tracking bullets make it an easy-to-use option in PvP. Plus, its catalyst is S-tier, further cementing it into one of the best weapons in Destiny 2.

Does Osteo Striga have a catalyst? ›

Once you reach Level 10 with the Osteo Striga, head back to The Relic at the Enclave on Mars and you'll be able to slot the Catalyst into the weapon in the fifth node. The cost for the Osteo Striga Catalyst is: 3 Ascendant Alloy. 140 Ruinous Element.

How to get Osteo Striga Destiny 2? ›

How to Get Osteo Striga. You have to beat the main Witch Queen campaign. All of it. Then you will be given the ability to not pick up the weapon, but craft it, which you do at the relic on Mars.

Is Osteo Striga good with strands? ›

Osteosrega is the best weapon to use for strand. because of this fragment right here. It's really quick. For my Warlock build with necrotic grips, I use these mods and these fragments.

What is considered a god roll in Destiny 2? ›

In Destiny 2, not all weapon perks are equal – some are useful in PvE and others in PvP scenarios. The perfect perk and barrel combination for the specific weapon players is the “God Roll.” Chasing a perfect perks combination in Destiny can be challenging, especially if you are a new player.

Do you need level 10 for Osteo Striga? ›

You'll need to level up Osteo Striga to unlock the ability to craft the Exotic catalyst. Once Osteo Striga is up to Level 10, you can return to the Relic and reshape it to add the catalyst. It requires 140 Ruinous Element, 2,000 Neutral Element, and 3 Ascendant Alloy to craft.

What is the pattern for Osteo Striga? ›

To get the new exotic SMG—provided you're a Deluxe Edition owner—you'll need to complete the Witch Queen campaign, either on classic or the new legendary difficulty. Once you've done that, check your Triumphs tab and navigate 'Patterns and Catalysts' to unlock the pattern you need to craft Osteo Striga.

What damage type is Osteo Striga? ›

Osteo Striga
Ammunition type:Primary
Fire mode:Full Automatic
Rate of fire:600 RPM
26 more rows
May 14, 2024

What does necrotic grip do? ›

Necrotic Grip Perks and Tips

Damaging the combatants with the melee attacks corrupts them with increasing damage over time. Defeating a corrupted combatant spreads the corrupting effect to nearby targets and restores melee energy.

What does Osteo Striga shoot? ›

Osteo Striga is basically an SMG version of Thorn, sending waves of poison through the enemies you kill with it. Finishing the story campaign doesn't earn you the gun, however--it only unlocks the Osteo Striga pattern to craft at the Relic, in the new social space called the Enclave.

What is the God roll scatter signal? ›

PvE - Scatter Signal god roll

Scatter Signal is the first Rapid-Fire Frame Fusion Rifle we've seen in Destiny 2 and it does not disappoint with its combinations, bouncing fluidly from fun builds to powerful damage. Scatter Signal leaves the box with very high Recoil so pull that in with Arrowhead Brake.


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