Mexican Restaurants With Live Mariachi Music (2024)

1. 17 Best Mexican Restaurants in Miami, from Tacos to Fresh Seafood

  • Apr 12, 2024 · 1. Cantina La Veinte ... Cantina is the city's answer to the spate of high-end restaurants you might find in Mexican City. The margaritas are ...

  • Find loaded burritos, fresh corn tortilla, baja-style seafood and more at the best Mexican restaurants in Miami.

2. Restaurant Con Msica Mariachis En Vivo in Miami, FL with Reviews

3. Best Mexican Restaurants in Miami - USA TODAY 10Best

  • Jul 2, 2019 · We picked out all-out winners like La Cruzada, which is known for its ambiance (including serenading mariachis), and La Quebradita, the only ...

  • While Cuban food reigns across Miami-Dade, not far behind are the amazing Mexican restaurants that dot the city. We've done our research and found and reviewed the best places to hit up when a taco craving strikes. Visit any one of these places (or better yet, visit them all), and you'll enjoy a different experience each time. Enchiladas and micheladas, burritos and bold flavors are all found at these ten amazing Mexican spots. Read on and don't forget the salsa!

4. 12 Top-Notch Mexican Restaurants in Miami

  • Apr 30, 2024 · While they are all worth visiting, some absolute favorites are Tacazo Tacos, El Taco Loco, and Taqueria Aztlan. Open in Google Maps · 24420 ...

  • From fine dining to hole-in-the-walls

5. Casa Sanchez

  • mexican food, live music, mariachi, casa sanchez, mariachi restaurant.

  • mexican food, live music, mariachi, casa sanchez, mariachi restaurant

6. Mexican Restaurant in Miami | Taquerias el Mexicano

  • Taquerias el Mexicano is the best Mexican restaurant in Miami. Enjoy authentic Mexican food and our Happy Hour in a lively atmosphere.

7. While eating at a Mexican restaurant last night... Mariachi's playing, my ...

  • Jan 20, 2019 · Well, I don't see mariachi bands in restaurants around here. But I agree - trumpets be loud! If I'm in a club and the band has horns, I stay ...

  • "Other mariachi groups could learn a lesson from these guys. No horns indoors!" I don't own even one mariachi record and I don't subscribe to any tejano stations on Spotify, but I know a good group when I hear one. And these folks were quite good. Beautiful harmonies, tasty arrangements, great...

8. Restaurants mexican with live mariachi in Portland, OR

  • Restaurants mexican with live mariachi in Portland, OR · 1.Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant · 2.Tachos II · 3.Casa Diablo · 4.Acapulco Mexican ...

  • Mexican Restaurants in Portland on See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Mexican Restaurants in Portland, OR.

Mexican Restaurants With Live Mariachi Music (2024)


Do you tip a mariachi band at a restaurant? ›

While tips are always welcome, according to Miguel, the band's expectations can depend on the situation. "If the restaurant owner pays for our services, [we don't] expect a tip.

Is mariachi accepted as authentic Mexican music? ›

Since the 1930s, the mariachi has been widely considered the quintessential Mexican folk-derived musical ensemble, and has become an institution symbolic of Mexican music and culture.

How many songs can a mariachi play in an hour? ›

A common questions is how many songs we play in one hour. In one hour we play an average of 15-16 songs depending on the length of the songs requested.

What is Mexican mariachi music called? ›

Mariachi (US: /ˌmɑːriˈɑːtʃi/, UK: /ˌmær-/, Spanish: [maˈɾjatʃi]) is an ensemble of musicians that typically play ranchera, the regional Mexican music dating back to at least the 18th century, evolving over time in the countryside of various regions of western Mexico.

How much to tip mariachis at a restaurant? ›

Tipping musicians is a customary practice, and it's very much appreciated by performers. As this is gratuity, the amount you tip a mariachi band is up to you to decide. However, the standard tipping etiquette is 10%-15% or $25-$50 per band member.

How much to tip Mariachi Band at a restaurant? ›

Typically you will tip $5-10 a song depending how many you request. This is for a Mariachi group with at least 6 musicians. Interesting post as I did not know you were required to tip them anything, or "had" to, I thought it was voluntary.

Why do Mexicans like mariachi music so much? ›

Mariachi music is an immovable symbol of Mexican culture and heritage, which serves as an infinite source of pride for Mexican people around the world. “We are very emotional people,” explains Ezekiel Castro, a former director emeritus of the Mariachi Programs at the Butler School of Music.

Is mariachi Hispanic or Mexican? ›

Mariachi is a traditional Mexican music and a fundamental element of Mexican culture. Traditional Mariachi groups, made up of two or more members, wear regional costumes adapted from the charro costume and interpret a broad repertoire of songs on stringed instruments.

Is charro and mariachi the same? ›

But a mariachi musician is no charro. A charro is a horseman – a cowboy – from Mexico. As Francisco Galvez explains, "The mariachi adopted the charro suit but with way more colors, it's not traditional because they wear way more colors. They'd wear pinks and bright reds, greens, blues."

Why are mariachis so expensive? ›

Established and highly regarded mariachi bands may charge higher fees due to their reputation and experience. Some bands may also offer additional services such as MCing or providing sound equipment, which can impact the overall cost.

Are mariachi bands expensive? ›

The cost of hiring a Mariachi band will vary depending on the size of the band and the length of the performance. However, you can expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $1000 for a Mariachi band.

How many songs is 3 hours? ›

A good rule of thumb is 15 songs per hour. A typical wedding reception will see about 3 hours of dancing after dinner and all the formalities are over. That is just 45 songs.

What is a mariachi yell? ›

Embedded Player The grito is a spontaneous burst of emotion — a shout — that is part of the mariachi tradition.

What is the word for mariachi yell? ›

EL GRITO (``the call'' or ``the yell'') is a loud, enthusiastic vocal call that singers or others in the Mariachi ensemble will emit to energize the ensemble and the audience of the Mariachi.

What is Mexican restaurant music called? ›

Mariachi. Mariachi, also known as Música Ranchera or Ranchero, is the best known regional Mexican music genre in the world, making it a global Mexican symbol.

How much to tip musicians at a restaurant? ›

Some may feel most comfortable calculating a percentage of the total cost — such as 10% for good, 15% for great, and 20% for outstanding. Others find it easiest to set aside $25 to $50 per musician. Is there a tip jar? Guests may feel inclined to contribute anywhere from $1 to $10, depending on the setting.

Is it customary to tip a band? ›

We've been to gigs where we see $50 per band member as a standard tip. Some folks do $100 per player, some $30 and some do not tip at all. You can package all the tips up and hand it to the band leader at the end of the night.

Do you have to tip the band? ›

Band, DJ, and Other Musical Entertainment

Tips are optional for ceremony or co*cktail hour musicians, as well as bands and DJs, but they are suggested, says Norwood.

How much do you tip at a Mexican restaurant? ›

Restaurants. In restaurants, 15% of a check is a good rule of thumb to follow; if you're in a big group you may find that a service fee is automatically added to the check (look out for that). If you feel you have been given particularly great service, 20% will be greatly appreciated.


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