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  • Parma City Schools Students: Enter your User Name in the User Name field, enter the access code in the password field. Guardians: If this is your first time ...

  • Parma City Schools

2. Home Access Center (HAC) - Parma City Schools - Google Sites

  • It allows parents to stay connected to their child's class schedules, grades, assignments, attendance, and teachers. As soon as teachers post items to their ...

  • Home Access Center (HAC) is the District's official grade book for both parent and student use. It allows parents to stay connected to their child's class schedules, grades, assignments, attendance, and teachers. As soon as teachers post items to their grade books, parents can access the

3. Information Systems / Home Access Center Online Gradebook

4. District Profile / Welcome - Parma City School District

  • Home AccessCheck grades, report cards and more · RegistrationRegister a student · School MenusView breakfast, lunch and snack menus · TransportationConnect with ...

  • Every parent and teacher knows there is more to a student than just a report card. Measuring potential, determination, hard work and gauging a student's future is something that no state or indicator can quantify.That is why the Parma City School District works hard to ensure that we meet students where they are and place them on a successful path with educationally sound options to help them succeed in achieving their goals.We provide numerous opportunities for all students - from Pre-Kindergarten through adulthood.  We challenge our students at all levels, with state of the art learning tools and practices, preparing them to compete both globally and locally. A new quality profile is coming soon!

5. Registration & Scheduling - Parma City Schools - Google Sites

  • Enter your desired course requests for the next school year in HAC. Counselors will meet with students to review your online course requests. Your counselor ...

  • Online Registration 2024-2025 School Year Registration Window Opens: Wed, Jan 30th Registration Window Closes: Midnight, Tues Feb 6th Counselors will be meeting with students one-on-one after Feb 7th to review course requests and to ensure students are on track to graduate!

6. School Contacts - Detail Page - Parma City School District

  • 5401 West 54th St. Parma, OH 44129. Find It Fast. District CalendarSee what's happening in the PCSD · Home AccessCheck grades, report cards and more ...

  • Thoreau Park Elementary Elementary School

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  • Home Access Center not available from June 19th noon until August 3rd for End Of Year Processing. User Name. Password. Forgot My User Name or Password.

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  • Click Here to Register with Access Code. Sign In. Copyright © 2003-2024 PowerSchool Group LLC and/or its affiliate(s). All rights reserved. All trademarks are ...

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9. Records - Parma Police Department

  • Home · Divisions · Adminstration; Records. Sub Menu. Related Links. Records · Search Parma Police Accident Reports Online. Records. Public Records Requests.

  • Requests for public records may be sent to

10. Completed Project in Parma Park Brings New Trails to Santa Barbara

  • 1 day ago · Home · News; Completed Project in Parma Park Brings New Trails to ... The newly created trails give the community access to new areas of ...

  • The City of Santa Barbara Parks and Recreation Department has announced the completion of the Parma Park Sustainable Trails Project, a multi-phased effort to improve and expand the trail system in one of Santa Barbara’s largest parks.

11. Parma police arrest man after car strikes child, crashes into house

  • 5 days ago · Multiple people were hospitalized after a speeding car allegedly struck a stopped car and a 4-year-old child before crashing into a house in ...

  • The child was taken to UH Parma Medical Center with minor injuries and later released. The driver, 32-year-old Zachary Pettry, is facing several charges.

Home Access Parma (2024)


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